The Executive Board shall be charged with the day to day operations of the Association, its facilities and possessions consistent with the Constitution. They shall act under the direction of the membership except in the case of the need for emergency action and shall make decisions based on the best interest of the Association. Board members shall demonstrate exemplary  leadership qualities, and be aggressive in making the best decisions for the Association. 

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Edward “Ed” Davis a nine year CFD vet brings three years from Dayton Ohio fire. Davis is a Paramedic assigned to Station 18 on 2 Unit. He has certification in Hazmat, Bomb Squad, and the Fire Alarm Office.


Vice President

Elizabeth “Liz” Finnegan new to the department but no stranger to hard work and dedication. From Cincinnati with a fitness background Finnegan can be found around the department in all thing physical training.



Charles “Chuck” McFadden former President of CAAFA has been on the department for 20 years. With his calm steadfast leadership skills McFadden is guiding the new reboot of CAAFA in a big way.

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Executive Administrator

Byron Garnes 20 year of service works as a paramedic and dispatcher. He can be found at Station 25 on 1 Unit. Garnes is an advocate for minorities and strong motivator for all things CAAFA.


Sergeant of Arms

Lieutenant M. Douglas Hart, soon to be Captain has been fighting the red devil for 19 years. Hart has recently filled the position of Special Events Coordinator.